Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Life as an Unemployed Bum

I had an interview on Saturday. It was for a sales position in the mall. Not really the type of job I had in mind after college but, hey, money is money.

I thought the interview went well. We laughed, he complimented my resume, approved of my work history, you know, the usual. When I left he said it was between me and two others and he thought I had a good shot. The decision would be made by the beginning of the next week and they would let me know by the middle of the week.

Sunday: Nothing. (Not that I expected to hear anything)
Monday: Nothing. (Again, not surprising)
Tuesday: Nothing. (Not really all that worried)
Wednesday: Nothing. (Huh, isn't this technically the middle of the week?)
Thursday: Nothing. (What? It is officially the end of the week.)

So here I am, Thursday night, very frustrated. I was told that they would call no matter what. And they have yet to call. Very sad.

So I continue on my job search. There is a legal secretary position that is right up my alley. Crossing my fingers. Say a few prayers. Hopefully I won't make it six full months on being unemployed.

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