Monday, April 4, 2011

Why public school is always the better option

After four months, I finally decided to be responsible. I finally decided to take a look at my student loans. And I really really wish I hadn't.

First of all, even though I used the same company for every loan I took out, I have SEVEN different loans. Crazy, right? So I decided to become familiar with loan consolidation. Not fun.

Second, I realized I owe over $34,000. Now a responsible person may keep tabs on their student loans as they take them out, but I am not a responsible person.

Everyone who is going to college knows that people tell them that its okay to take out loans because since you are going to have a college education, you will get a good job and be able to pay them off. Lies! All lies!

I graduated over 4 months ago with a double bachelors and I have had a total one 1 job interview.

My advice to anyone looking at colleges: Go public. Or community college. Maybe then you won't have a mountain of debt with no pay off.

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